here we go

 going to start using this thing for de-anons and keeping in better touch and procrastination and life, you know, that thing too, wherever it went.

HELLOO FRIENDS ♥ it is a lovely tuesday evening. i am eating turtle soup ice cream and listening to my roommate's music. on my way back from the music building it got freakishly windy, windy enough that i was blown into the street a couple times and pathetique blew into a puddle and now four pages of it are wet and yellow (NOOO SDKJFJKDFH)

anywho. the nights and days are strange here. that is the state of the union. i haven't written anything in 6 months too! WHEE.

two more things:

a) i have acquired at addiction for cold drinks in -11 F degrees weather. this is not healthy. my outsides AND insides are freezing nowadays.